ISCB 42, Lyon, France

22 July 2021 in Lyon, France

ISCB 2021

STRATOS Mini-Symposium

organized by Els Goetghebeur and Willi Sauerbrei

13:00-14:30 - 1. Session

1. 13:05-13:30: Paul Gustafson - Vancouver BC, CA

'Understanding and accounting for measurement error when prediction equations are used in observational studies' 

2. 13:30-14:00: David J. McLernon - Aberdeen, UK and Terry Therneau - Rochester MN, US

'Guidance for performance assessment in prediction models for survival outcomes'

3. 14:00-14:30: Saskia le Cessie - Leiden, NL; Ghent, BE, and Els Goetghebeur - Ghent, BE

'Guiding the path from Patient Reported Outcomes to treatment registration based on randomised and single arm studies: STRATOS engaged in the European IMI-SISAQOL project.'


15:30-17:00 - 2. Session

4. 15:30-15:55: Jörg Rahnenführer - Dortmund, DE

'Statistical analysis of high-dimensional biomedical data: Analytical goals, common approaches and challenges'

5. 15:55-16:25: Christine Wallisch - Vienna, AT and Geraldine Rauch - Berlin, DE

'Current education and practical guidance in statistical (non-linear) modeling for researchers with limited statistical background (level-1)'

6. 16:25-16:55: Michal Abrahamowicz - Montreal QC, CA and Victor Kipnis - Bethesda MD, US

'In defense of correct use of statistical significance'